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It is a company that provides industrial design services.

We help you develop, produce and market your ideas.

We are the interface between the productive environment and the needs of the users. We have over ten years experience in product development. We design products in fiberglass / carbon, injected plastic, thermoformed, rotomolded, among other materials and technologies.



from desing to producto


We understand the projects as holistic processes where the designer define and guide the development of the product from conceptualization to start up its marketing. In this sense zzato provides an integral service of industrial design.  




Product engineering - Conceptual design

Technical Documentation - Production Management

Technical training - 3d digitalization

Prototyping - Matricería

Project management - Consultancy



Molds for prfv parts

Development of molds from the design of the product to construction of the matrices and lay out of production, going through all the processes necessary for the production in series. 


Digitization and technical documentation

We offer services of technical documentation and graphic representation, in order to provide the necessary documentation to facilitate its analysis in the design and production stages 




Mold design and machining 

Aluminum mold for high precision parts in composite materials 

Reverse engineering 


Is the process carried out with the aim of obtaining information or a design from a product, in order to determine what are its components and how they interact with each other and what was the manufacturing process 


Is the stage of design of the product is conceived in its scope at the time of creative expression.



Product engineering

Includes the design, development, selection of materials, and transition from the prototype stage to the manufacture of the product. The term includes developing the concept of the product and the design and development of its components and mechanical, electronic and software parts.




From the hand of Eduardo Marazzato young industrial designer who worked professionally in italy working in vismara marine and in barcelona with barcelona yacht desing. Perfected his degree with a master's degree in design and construction of boats in the Politecnico di Milano.
Zzato optimist is a product born in the sea of silver and has the approval of the international optimist dinghy association (ioda) being as such one of the two shipyards that have such authorization in Argentina and Latin America.